I want to welcome you to this special season 9, phase 1, and this is Day 1 in 2024.

I thank God for he's guided us into this hour by the holy Ghost.

There's a lot for us to know; a lot to learn.

So much is Happening in the world but a lot also in the spirit and we must be more attuned to what's

happening in the spirit.

While of course we watch what's happening in the earth, because we have divine responsibilities.

There are many voices in the world.

It matters what voice you are listening to. Because your life will go in the direction of the voice that

you follow.

Who are you listening to?

What voice are you listening to?

I want to show you a documentary as a reminder of the world in which we live, so you can make

the right decisions in a moment like this. Not many know the world in which they live. They don't

know the timing or the season. They are not aware that there is such a thing as the calendar God or

that God has a timeline. No surprise because you don't find that in the academic institutions or all

of the world’s press. It takes the spirit of God to know and yet it's all in the scriptures.

Where is the voice of truth? Jesus made a startling statement. He said "I am the way, the truth and

life". Who could ever make this statement and be right? But Jesus declared himself to be the

truth...with a definite article.


Let's not act like the rest of the world and be deceived. Remember the words of Jesus "You are not

of the world.... I have chosen you out of the world$.

We have to think differently. We have to use God's word to analyze what happens in our world.

Turn the search light of God's word on the things we are told and don't allow others to gaslight us

into the same conditions that they have put many into.

E.g. the WHO has been raising so much dust about misinformation while they are coming up with

a "Pandemic preparedness treaty".

They know that people generally don't read. And after the world leaders deceive their aides who

are lured into convincing their principals to listen to these powers from somewhere, they don't

realize that those treaties are a subterfuge for global government. That's why praying, for us at this

time, is so important.

The world hasn't really changed from the Colonizing mentality of yester years. They still have the

same thinking. 

The imperialist thinking is still there.

Don't for one moment assume that imperialism is gone. . they just laid aside the military campaigns

and replaced them with kleptocracy with which they deceived the world.

Many think they have a democracy but no, they just have kleptocratic technocrats sent on

gaslighting missions to capture unsuspecting minds of African leaders.

We have a taxonomical difference from the world. You are born again. You have the nature of God

in you. You have the spirit of God. You come from another place. You belong in Christ Jesus so

you’re thinking must therefore be different.

His word is the light in which you walk.

Don't think like the world. Don't be ignorant like the world.

"My people are destroyed for lack of (revelation) knowledge". He is talking about truth.

From tonight, I want to begin sharing some very important things with you.

In some countries, they have bills waiting to be passed while some have passed them already into

law, to prosecute those that they judge to have not told the truth.

They have arrogated to themselves the powers of the truth police. They are the ones deciding that

if you say something that is not true on any public platform...some say, if you intended to (if it

found in your device), you will be held liable. They have arrogated to themselves to decide what is

truth, even though they are the perpetrators of falsehood.

Those who belong to their establishment media, would not be prosecuted because they are said to

not have intended to lie... because they are duly registered with the truth police.

The former chief scientist and vice president of Pfizer told us that we've been lied to by his former

company and their ilk.

Revelation 1:1

The details in this book are so important. Don't miss anything.

He introduces the book so that you understand WHY it is called the book of "Revelation". It is the

Revelation of Jesus Christ.

"Things which must shortly come to Pass": the Greek communication is on the strength of it's

coming to pass in quick succession...not in its nearness.

"To show to his servants"... "By his angel unto his servant John"... John is given as an example of

one of His servants.

(Romans 1:1)

Doulos: translated servant; One who gives himself up to another's will. One whose service is used

by Christ in advancing his course. One devoted to another to the disregard of his own Interest....

My question to you...Is this book addressed to you???

No wonder not many people understand the book of revelation. It's because it's for his servants. Are

you, his servant?

V2: referring to John.

V3: This is John’s prologue. (Vs 1-3). The book of Revelation is a prophecy. (it is both a revelation

and a prophecy)

Just reading it, blesses you.

"For The time is at hand": The time is near.

If the time was near back then, it is nearer now.

V4- 7 churches, the one who is in the present, who was in the Past and who is to come.... Referring

to God!

V5: Grace from God and from Jesus Christ. God is the one who sits on the throne. Jesus is declared

here as a faithful witness and the first born from the dead.

He LOVED us. WASHED us from our sins. Observe the tenses. He did it in his own blood.

6: He has MADE US Kings and Priests. This is not a promise. We are talking about the finished

works. He has made us King-priests. Royal priests.

Melchizedek was a King-priest of Salem.

Jesus was made a priest in this order.

Unlike the Aaronic priesthood that was passed from one to another but were not allowed to continue

by reason of death

But Melchizedek had no beginning of days and no end of life. He abides a priest forever.

We are also born into this order of priesthood.

As royal priests, we have got responsibilities.

This prophecy was delivered to Royal priests.

I think about some things sometimes. When I pray, I have nothing to ask for. I have one Job. My

Job is to deliver His agenda. That's all. To bring the father’s will to pass. I have no interest. His

interests are my interests. What he wants is what I want.

Jesus said "my will/work/assignment is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work".

V7: (Matt 24:29-30)

Remember the 3 synoptic gospels all talk about this; when Jesus gave the message about his

coming. John didn't write about this then. It's not in St. John's gospel. But then, John comes in

another book and corroborates what the others said in another perspective.

V9: John has been banished to the Island of Patmos to Die. He was arrested for preaching the


V10: The Lord’s Day is what we call Sunday today. It was the day after the Sabbath. The saints

picked that day because it was the resurrection day. He was in a state of a vision; like in a trance.

He is not describing the geographical direction of the sound he heard behind him. He was in the


So, in the spirit, there are directions. He could tell that the voice was coming from behind him.

V11: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. (The seven


V12: KJV, CJB. The Menorah is a Candle stick with 6 branches. 3 on either side and a base. Making


V13-15. his voice was like rushing waters (not like a trumpet)

His HEAD and his HAIRS were white as wool. That doesn't describe the complexion of someone

on the earth. This person wasn't Caucasian.

His feet (not his shoes) were like Fine brass.

Remarkable description!

V16: Think about the noon day sun. You can't look at it. That's how bright his countenance was.

In the spirit you can see symbols and can understand if you are given the understanding.

V17: Remember Saul of Tarsus who saw the light from heaven and was blinded from the glory of

that light and passed out... same thing happened to John.

Who is this fellow that John Saw?

V18: The Lord Jesus- He is alive forevermore.

V19: the things which John had seen so far, the things currently happening, and the things which

will be afterwards

V20: The 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches.

The 7 candlesticks are the 7 churches.

"Angels" could also mean messengers, Pastors... In this context, it was not referring to angels like

"Angel Gabriel”. You can't write a letter to the angels of God. 

These were the messengers/ministers of God to the Seven churches. They were the Pastors of those


Rev 1: The things that were seen

Rev 2&3: The things that are

Rev 4-22: The things that shall be hereafter.

The hereafter meant "after chapters 2&3" ...

Revelation 2:

V1-5: This is the first of the seven churches.

Did those churches know that they were represented before God as candlesticks?

These were not the only churches that were in Asia Minor.

If God removed the Candlestick of the church in Ephesus, would they know?

V6-7: This is the tree of life that was back in the garden at Genesis.

So where is the Paradise of God?

2 Corinthians 12:1-4

He didn't say the words were wrong. He just said they weren't lawful to utter. This was language in


Learn Kingdom language, because that is what we are going to be speaking. Most have leant

expressions of the world so they speak like the world.

Some people get angry at you when you speak the elementary language of Faith.

V4: Paradise is not some place in the Middle East. It is a place in the spirit. In the third heaven.

In the book of Revelation there are a lot of symbolisms. Always be clear that you are reading not a

character itself, but a sign or a symbol. Read and watch for the interpretation.

E.g. the 7 stars were people who were to receive letters from John

This vaccine craze that some want to impose on the world has nothing to do with health but with

what they want to do. I will show you from the bible.

One of the evil things they are doing right now is a Fake scarcity of food. It's currently fake but

they are working on making food really scarce.

Something is being done to make food un available and under the control of certain powers.

This is where you have to be very careful. Many countries in Africa and Asia are being told to

receive seedlings with a lot of promise of greater yield. BUT... genetically modified.

You get tomatoes, maize, etc. and they have been modified in such a way that you cannot plant

anymore. They will destroy your farm and your produce. The seedlings are programed to produce

for you once or twice only. Then you go back to the government agency to get again. And if they

don't like what you're doing, you don't get seed again.

And that is the smallest part of the problem. What's worse is that with these modified fruits and vegetables, you will be targeted.

With Myrna that is introduced into these fruits and vegetables, whole communities can be

targeted...that can determine their lifespan.

They are designed to eliminate targeted communities.

They can predict that in 5 years, all that are like this will be eliminated.

How can those who always wanted your land whom your forefathers drove years ago, be in in love

with you to give you seed to sustain your life? Don't be fooled.

The imperialist mentality still exists.

They never forgave you for your independence.

They made one statement "We will return" and no one understands this better than Klaus Schwab.

I like seedless grapes... But there is nothing in them. No nourishment. Seedless oranges, tangerines,

blueberries etc. and they are all coming from outside your country.

I told you about the Kleptocratic technocrats. Kleptocracy is the authoritarian rulership of thieves

to control nations and so much has been done through syphon treaties and fake aid programs.

We are going to look at some of these things are find out what the Bible tells us.

This is why the devil hates the bible so much and wants to get rid of it.

But that won't happen because this is the day of the church.

God's timeline is clear. Our job is to ensure we are living in God's timeline.

In Genesis, He put Adam in the garden and told him to take charge of it, but Adam let the devil in

and the rest is history.

We in our day, must not make the same error. He has given us the name of Jesus. He told us to

watch and pray. We are Abraham's seed and heirs of the promise.

As we study God's word, we see what kind of life we ought to be living.

This is our day and this is our world. It was willed to Abraham and his seed.

He gave us a name that is above every name

And we have to use that name to put the devil where he belongs.

This week, we are fasting and praying.

There is a war...and in the war, there are different battles. They haven't given up in their attempt to

control this world.

It's not like we are expecting them to give us. We just have to put the devil where he belongs (Under

our feet).

Use the name of Jesus.

Declare that Satan shall not Lord it over my Country over my city. He shall not! I forbid it in the

me of Jesus. I break the influence of Satan of my country and over the leaders of my country in the

name of Jesus. He will not use the legislature, the justice system or the executive in the name of

Jesus. There is a satanic move against the churches of Christ all over the world. There is a plan. I told you

that the perpetrators of COVID 19 have a plan to use 2024 to finalize their preparations for their

evil agenda for 2025.

But as we speak in tongues this week, their witchcraft activities will be destroyed by the power of

the holy Ghost.

One of their schemes is to take over government parastatals and make themselves the Law.

When they say nations must follow "the rule of law" what are they talking about? What law?

When Klaus Schwab threatens nations and says they have to be subject to the rule of law, what do

they mean? They don't mean the same thing that you think.

You are thinking about some law or constitution that we have agreed about.

There is a group/class of people in this world who come from certain backgrounds and they have

conglomerated as a law. They believe they have the ultimate authority to govern this world.

They believe they are the law.

They come from Europe and the branches of Europe.

They refuse to allow anybody else or any country to exercise authority on their own. They are

saying you must be subject to what they say

If they say you cannot grow your own food, or have your own money, or own your own land, you


That's why they don't like the bible because the Bible reveals the truth and Satan has deceived them.

God doesn't like Men exercising undue authority over other men. He doesn't like Men in bondage.

But these, because they are inspired by another spirit, have no respect for the human life or human


Their rule of law is the rule of a select few; themselves.

But the scriptures show us what will happen in not much distant future. You can connect that future

to now.

Those in the Occult know that what I am saying is true.

They are scared and wish to be free.

But this week it is possible to be free.

Pray everywhere!



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