March 2020 News/Updates

March is here and so are some awesome updates! First important update and thing to note** If it had three dots, then there are more options.

This month we have been busy trying to get the classifieds (AD Marketplace) up and have added some new nice things we would like to share. 

1. Usernames for Organization and Personal Profiles: You can now create your own customer username for your profiles. Gone are the days of links like these Now your link will be like this: 

2. Content SEO friendly links: Site will automatically convert your content to friendly URL's which not only looks nicer, but will help in making your content more easily searchable. Not only that, we know a lot use alt codes so with diligent work, that is now possible. alt code links should now show in address bar and in your editor fields.

3. Some Design Changes: There have been some design changes, like adding the messenger icon up in top right, to quickly get to your messages and Giphy Support in the Messenger as well as better emoticon support. You can also now react replies and comments in content areas and more changes to come that will resolve some issues you may still be seeing. 

4. We are on the Google Playstore: We are on the Google Playstore and this was a big achievement for us! 

We are in the works of looking into the Apple Store, but as a non-profit site that is all personally funded, $100 a year is a lot, on top of the other costs we pay. If you would like to donate to help us reach this goal you can do so using our link which is our Media and Design Business. Be sure to put in comment that it is a donation, your name, and profile link you would like us to share for your support. When you donate we will mark your account as a VyBZ.Live Supporter and we can offer more advanced editing for you like adding your Discord or other social widget to your profiles, groups, etc as a thank you. See  for an example. 

5. Classifieds and Fields: Our biggest projects until the end of the month are to get Classifieds up and open. After that we will continue our fields projects which we will actively update this post. You can see these goals and percentages below 😀 

Classified full project: 50%

VyBZ Spaces fields and categories 1%

Photos fields and categories 5% (We may add label support) 

Files fields and categories 1% 

Videos  fields and categories 5% (We may add label support)

1/26/2020(Resolved): Posting items to Comments and Timelines
We are aware of a timeline issue, where uploading one file is working, but multiple is failing. If you upload multiple, refresh the page, they will show and hit post, and then refresh page again and it will work. We are investigating the issue, for now use the temporary solution. All other things are working. This is only in regards to 'multiple' file uploads on the timelines and comments fields. We will update you once resolved.

2/1/2020 Resloved: This issue has been resolved. If you used Special symbols or fonts in your name or content title you will have to reput them in**. We switched database engines which will make it so this does not happen again in the future.

January-February 2020

Like always we will update this same article through the listed timeframe as we make changes. So keep checking back  Special News: Mobile Apps coming soon, Android (Google Play Store) for now. Apple may be our next project (Just not in Apple Store yet = very expensive). While you wait for the app do not fear :) Just open the site up in your favorite mobile browser and the site will be an awesome looking mobile view. We will be updating progress as we implement new features.


Google (Android) Mobile App Progress: 99We will be submitting it to the Playstore Thursday and then it is just waiting for approval 👍 

New Features on site already live: (Market and Classifieds are hidden to avoid adding items while we add stuff. We would hate for it to break and your stuff be lost :) )

  • Messenger: You can now  chat with your friends real-time on the website using the messenger. You can also still use conversations which are more like site email as well. Messenger is jam packed with features and more to come. There will also be shout boxes on some content areas. When you talk in these boxes they will also show in your messenger window :)
  • VyBZ Spaces: These are spaces where you can share your Inspirations and organize. Lets say I am making a space for my many talents. I can make child spaces within that space so they are organized. I may dedicate on to music and one for artwork for example. I could be a business and make separate spaces for employees, rules, etc. 
  • Photos: If you ever used Facebook you will notice they have two separate features. Photos or Albums. We now do as well. If you want to just add a photo, then photos may be more for you. If you want to create an album however, that may be more your thing if adding multiple photos from events, etc.  We hope in the future to try to combine these two modules, but for now they will act independently. 
  • Files: Game modder. ebook writer, artist, etc? Well share those files using the new files section on site. 
  • Videos: We said it was coming, it is now here. Upload and share videos. Do you have a virtual event you recorded or a game review, etc? Well then go ahead and upload your work today. We will work on adding Google Adsense, etc in the future. 
  • Market: Market is a place where you can sell your inspirations or services. It is a work in progress. We will make it fully view-able once done. 
  • Classifieds: Same as market, but this is more for personals, special sales, employment, virtual shopping, etc. This to is not safe to use until we are done so we have hidden it on the main site menu. 

We know you all probably remember our holiday fields and categories project where we overhauled options when posting in the many content areas of the website. We will be doing this same thing through the months of January and February. Got an idea? Please share in the comments section. We will update the following percentages as we make the changes: 

VyBZ Spaces fields and categories 1%

Photos fields and categories 1% 

Files fields and categories 1% 

Videos  fields and categories 1% 

Marketplace full project: 75%

Classified full project: 30%

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