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March is here and so are some awesome updates! First important update and thing to note** If it had three dots, then there are more options.

This month we have been busy trying to get the classifieds (AD Marketplace) up and have added some new nice things we would like to share. 

1. Usernames for Organization and Personal Profiles: You can now create your own customer username for your profiles. Gone are the days of links like these Now your link will be like this: 

2. Content SEO friendly links: Site will automatically convert your content to friendly URL's which not only looks nicer, but will help in making your content more easily searchable. Not only that, we know a lot use alt codes so with diligent work, that is now possible. alt code links should now show in address bar and in your editor fields.

3. Some Design Changes: There have been some design changes, like adding the messenger icon up in top right, to quickly get to your messages and Giphy Support in the Messenger as well as better emoticon support. You can also now react replies and comments in content areas and more changes to come that will resolve some issues you may still be seeing. 

4. We are on the Google Playstore: We are on the Google Playstore and this was a big achievement for us! 

We are in the works of looking into the Apple Store, but as a non-profit site that is all personally funded, $100 a year is a lot, on top of the other costs we pay. If you would like to donate to help us reach this goal you can do so using our link which is our Media and Design Business. Be sure to put in comment that it is a donation, your name, and profile link you would like us to share for your support. When you donate we will mark your account as a VyBZ.Live Supporter and we can offer more advanced editing for you like adding your Discord or other social widget to your profiles, groups, etc as a thank you. See  for an example. 

5. Classifieds and Fields: Our biggest projects until the end of the month are to get Classifieds up and open. After that we will continue our fields projects which we will actively update this post. You can see these goals and percentages below 😀 

Classified full project: 50%

VyBZ Spaces fields and categories 1%

Photos fields and categories 5% (We may add label support) 

Files fields and categories 1% 

Videos  fields and categories 5% (We may add label support)

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