MTN MoMo's Negligence

A Customer's Frustrating Experience

MTN MoMo's Negligence: A Customer's Frustrating Experience

I’m utterly disappointed with the abysmal service provided by MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), which has left me in a state of frustration and inconvenience for the past four months. Despite numerous attempts to resolve an issue with a failed transaction, I have been met with nothing but negligence and indifference from MTN's customer service.

On December 21st, 2023, I made a payment of GHS 290.00 to Vodafone Push using MTN MoMo. The transaction appeared successful, as evidenced by the message: "Your payment of GHS 290.00 to VODAFONE PUSH has been completed at 2023-12-21 20:45:04." However, to my dismay, the money was never credited to the intended recipient’s Vodafone (Telecel) wallet.

Subsequently, I embarked on a harrowing journey of attempting to rectify the situation with MTN’s customer service. Each visit to their office has been a test of endurance, with long wait times and unhelpful staff. Despite their promises to escalate the issue and have a customer care representative contact me, I have received no follow-up whatsoever. My multiple attempts to seek resolution have been futile, leaving me in a perpetual state of limbo.

The financial implications of this negligence are severe. Not only have I lost GHS 290.00 in the failed transaction, but I have also been subjected to the incessant demands of the intended recipient, who rightfully expects to receive the funds. However, according to Vodafone Cash (T-cash), the money never entered their system, further exacerbating the ordeal.

The proof of transaction, with reference to Financial Transaction ID: 32337321050 and External Transaction ID: 32337321050, serves as irrefutable evidence of MTN MoMo’s failure to deliver on its promises of efficient and reliable service. The accompanying fees and taxes paid only add insult to injury, as I am forced to bear the financial burden of MTN’s incompetence.

It is unconscionable that a company as prominent as MTN would allow such gross negligence and disregard for customer satisfaction to persist. My experience serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering using MTN MoMo for their financial transactions. Until MTN takes concrete steps to rectify this situation and improve its customer service, I urge others to exercise caution when entrusting their money with this company.

 I demand immediate action from MTN to resolve this matter and compensate me for the financial losses and emotional distress caused by their negligence. Anything less would further demonstrate their disregard for customer welfare and tarnish their reputation irreparably.

My number is 0542726296

Vodafone Recipient:0505295941








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