Neglected and Abandoned: Teshie Nungua Estate Pleads for Urgent Government Intervention

Residents Fear Imminent Disaster as Abandoned Road Project and Damaged Bridge Plunge Cocoa Street into Darkness

Teshie Nungua Estate, 26th January, 2024 - In a heart-wrenching tale of neglect and despair, the residents of Cocoa Street in Teshie Nungua Estate find themselves trapped in a nightmare as the abandoned road project and deliberately damaged bridge cast a looming shadow over their daily lives.


The road, once a lifeline for the community, now stands as a symbol of broken promises and governmental apathy. As the rainy season approaches, the abandoned project threatens to turn Cocoa Street into a perilous labyrinth of potholes and treacherous paths, leaving residents to navigate through a hazardous maze of mud and debris.


The ordeal began when the local assembly, in a questionable move, demolished a house adjacent to the bridge connecting Cocoa Street and Cactus Street. Instead of completing the necessary infrastructure improvements, they abandoned the project altogether, leaving the community in a state of vulnerability.

Cocoa street in ruin

The consequences of this negligence are felt acutely by the residents, who now face the impending rainy season with a sense of dread. The damaged bridge not only hinders easy access to the main road but also forces residents to traverse through holes and overgrown bushes, risking their safety on a daily basis.

Adding to the community's plight, Cocoa Street has become a hotspot for criminal activities during the night. With the bridge in ruins, the area becomes a haven for phone snatchers who operate with impunity, preying on the vulnerability of those forced to take alternative routes.

Local resident Mr Paul(not real name) and Kojo(not real name), frequent users of the bridge and a residence, shared their anguish: "We live in constant fear for our safety. The government came, destroyed part of Busy Mouth Restuarant and a Church, ruined the bridge, and left us to suffer. Now, with the rains approaching, our nightmares are only set to worsen. We are pleading for immediate government intervention to restore our road and ensure our safety."

The plea from Cocoa Street is a desperate cry for help, urging the government to prioritize the welfare of its citizens. The residents implore the authorities to reconsider their abandonment of the project and take swift action to rectify the situation before disaster strikes.

The time for action is now, as the residents of Cocoa Street look to the government with hope, praying that their voices will be heard, and their once-thriving community can be restored to its former glory. In the face of adversity, the resilient residents of Teshie Nungua Estate stand united, awaiting the assistance that will bring relief to their lives and heal the wounds of neglect.


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