Welcoming the baby 8 billion to the world!

"The world's population is likely over 8 billion...": Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd DSC D.D. "As a result of declining fertility rates all around the world, we require infants more than ever before": Elon Musk

COMMENTARY: Influential people have spent billions of dollars promoting the morally reprehensible idea that there is a 'over-population crisis,' despite the fact that the facts demonstrate that this is not the case.

The Population Division of the United Nations projects that on November 15 the world's population will reach 8 billion. There is no question that the usual suspects will tell us that there are already too many people living on this earth who are humans.

Let's not only brace ourselves for the onslaught of doomsday propaganda that is almost certainly going to follow; instead, let's take the offensive and say, "Welcome, Baby 8 Billion," without any apologies or qualifications.

As a result of declining fertility rates all around the world, we require infants more than ever before. Elon Musk has been quoted as saying, "Civilization will crumble if individuals do not have more children." What the world will look like when population starts to actually decline can be seen in the labor shortages that many businesses are experiencing today. This is a taste of what the world will look like.

The notion that there is an excessive amount of humanity to care for is immoral. Who exactly has the authority to make a declaration such as this one? Why are there so many people for the task at hand? How many individuals would you consider to be too many?

As soon as we begin to worry that there are "too many people," we will almost immediately begin making plans to "do something about it." We have already witnessed decades of propaganda and legislation here in the West aimed at directing people's choices around their reproductive lives. The infamous "One-Child Policy" has been in place in China for many decades, during which time it has been used to influence the decisions that individuals make.

When there were one billion people on the planet in the late 18th century, Thomas Malthus believed that the earth was already overpopulated. He forecast a widespread famine. In 1968, when Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb, the total number of people living on earth was 3.6 billion. He forecast that the entire globe will be starving in the 1970s. That event never took place.

In point of fact, there has never been a time in history when the material situation of the world has been better than it is right now. A growing number of individuals have been rescued from a life of abject poverty. In 1990, an estimated 36.3% of the world's population was living in poverty, according to data provided by the World Bank. By the year 2019, only 8.6% of the world's population was considered to be poor according to these same standards. Even in light of these staggering numbers, pessimists continue to assert that the world's population is growing at an unsustainable rate.

Even while fertility rates are declining across the board in every region of the world, it is nevertheless the case that population is expanding. This is due to the fact that people are living longer. Take for instance the Philippines in this discussion. Between the years 1960 and 2020, their total population increased from 28 million to 112 million. I don't know how you feel about it, but I think there should be more Filipinos in this world! Nevertheless, this growing population was the excuse that Western "experts" gave for pushing the 2012 Reproductive Act on the people of the Philippines. This act restricted people's access to contraception and abortion. "Way too many people," aren't you aware of that?

Alarmism about the population conceals these facts: Since 1960, the Philippines' Total Fertility Rate has dropped from 7.15 births per woman to 3.2 births per woman, and it is projected to reach a new low of 2.53 births per woman in the year 2020. What exactly are the people who want to limit births upset about? That last one and a half children for each woman? Get a life, all of you!

Now consider the following information: In 1960, there were 68.05 infant fatalities for every 1,000 live births in the Philippines; by the year 2020, that number is projected to reduce to 18.12 infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. Fewer newborns are dying. Yea! Fantastic news for every single person! Over the same span of time, the average number of years a person may anticipate to live in the Philippines has climbed from 61 to 71. People are living longer than ever before. Yea!

There is a rise in population, but it is not because people are having babies at the rate of rabbits. It is because we are no longer dropping like flies.

However, wealthy and influential people have spent literally billions of dollars trying to convince us that there is a "crisis" caused by overpopulation. In essence, these skeptics are whining about the fact that people are living longer. Either that or they are completely ignorant of the subject matter they are discussing.

The proponents of the doom and gloom scenario of population growth fail to recognize that each new person represents more than just an additional consumer or mouth to feed. Each new person has the ability to become a producer or an additional set of hands. In his seminal work titled "The Ultimate Resource," the late, great Julian Simon made the argument that the human mind, with its capacity for inventiveness and ingenuity as well as its desire to assist others, is "The Ultimate Resource."

In light of this, everyone here at the Ruth Institute will be keeping a close eye on the World Population Clock to see when it reaches 8 billion. We are aware that it is not feasible to predict with absolute certainty who Baby 8 Billion will be or when he or she will be born.

It's possible that Nigeria will give birth to a boy on November 15 at precisely midnight Greenwich Mean Time. This would make him Baby 8 Billion. It's possible that the Philippines' Baby 8 Billion will turn out to be a female the day before. There is also a possibility that the birth of twins in France will push us past the threshold a few days later.

No matter. Baby 8 Billion is something that we are looking forward to. We have a letter that we will be sending to the parents of all of the newborns who were born in the month of November. The letter begins with the following:

To the Eight Billion Baby,


Your presence is much appreciated. Because your birth has made all of us so very happy, we would like to express our gratitude to your parents for bringing you into the world.

We would like you to know that we are not in the least concerned about what is referred to as your "carbon footprint." You will always be regarded by us as a present to the entire globe. It makes no difference to us where you were born, what faith your parents or family adhere to, or what colour you might be. Our hope for you is the same as it has always been: that your mother and father would spend their entire lives loving not only you but also each other.

And the letter concludes with the following:

Our children are the ones who showed us how to love. Someone cares deeply about each and every one of them, as well as each and every one of you!

God, especially, loves you. And that brings us to the true purpose of your visit. You were created in the image and likeness of God. You are one of a kind, and no one else will ever reflect the likeness of God just the same way that you do. Isn't that simply incredible? God desires for you to be at this place. That's OK to us in any case!

The world welcomes you, Baby 8 Billion, with open arms! You are a blessing from God to us. We are grateful to your mom and dad for giving birth to you! You are a member of the human family no matter what the course of your life brings. It's great to have you with us today!


Your close associates over at the Vybz.live


Therefore, we ask that you join us in celebrating the arrival of Baby 8 Billion into the world. Help us express our gratitude to all the parents throughout the world who make it possible for the next generation to have a future here on earth by bearing children. I really hope you would pass on this message of hope to the new infants and their parents.


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