Optical Illusion for IQ Test: Only 1% can spot a hidden Sleeping Cat inside Forest in 11 secs!

Only 1% of people can spot the hidden sleeping cat inside the forest in 11 seconds. Did you notice the hidden cat in the image?

IQ Test Optical Illusion: Do you enjoy solving optical illusion puzzles that test your intelligence? Then this is the puzzle for you: find the hidden cat that is sleeping somewhere in the forest. Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are examples of optical illusions. Optical illusions are mind-bending and shape-shifting images of an object, drawing, or picture that challenge the way your mind perceives things. These optical illusions are also considered a type of psychoanalysis because they reveal information about how you perceive things. By simply looking at things or images from different angles, a rational human brain can form different perceptions.

IQ Test Optical Illusion: Find a Sleeping Cat Hidden in the Forest


A user shared the above image on social media on Reddit and asked viewers to find a hidden cat sleeping inside the forest. Because of its perplexing nature, this optical illusion has left people scratching their heads. Two women are drinking tea inside the room in the image. The trickier part of this optical illusion is spotting the cat, even though it is right in front of your eyes. According to reports, only 1% of people can find the hidden cat in 11 seconds.

Did you manage to find the Sleeping Cat in 11 seconds?

Examine this optical illusion image carefully and try to find the hidden sleeping cat inside the forest. The cat in the image is difficult to spot because it is blended in with the background. A forest and a pile of wood logs can be seen in the image. But did you happen to notice a sleeping cat?

It may appear difficult to locate the cat, but if you look closely at the pile of wood logs in the top-center of the image, you will notice the cat sleeping on top of the pile of wood.

It could be a sign of your exceptional intelligence if you were able to identify the sleeping cat inside the forest in just 11 seconds. According to research, the more you challenge your brain with difficult puzzles, the smarter you become.

According to research, optical illusions always provide fascinating insights into how our brains work. A normal human brain can perceive different things under different color, light, and pattern combinations. So, did you notice the sleeping cat hidden within this optical illusion?


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