Tyson disbursed hundreds of thousands a month on pigeons and exotic cats

Mike Tyson Spent $400,000 a Month On His Beloved Pigeot and Exotic Cars Collection

Mike Tyson Spent $400,000 a Month On His Beloved Pigeon and Exotic Cat Collection

Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson was one of the most successful boxers to ever play the sport. One of the most intrinsically gifted athletes in the world, he earned boatloads of cash, which totaled to approximately $400 million in career earnings.

Eccentric and carefree, Tyson was known for spending his money on unusual and outrageous items, such as $7 million necklaces and 150-foot yachts. After going to prison for three years following a rape conviction, Tyson went on a warpath of spending in 1995 and spent millions of dollars on some of the most insane objects imaginable. Among them included an enormous collection of pigeons and exotic cats, which apparently cost more than $400,000 per month to obtain and upkeep. 

Mike Tyson was one of the most successful boxers to ever step in the ring

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Tyson was a boxing prodigy that quickly saw success from a young age. He won gold medals at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games and became the youngest heavyweight champion in history by winning the title at only 20 years. 

His success continued as his career progressed, and he retired with a record of 50-6, with 44 wins coming by way of knockout. Tyson became infamous for his first-round knockouts, and actually received bonuses of $200,000 for knocking out his opponents in the first round. With the exception of a few shocking losses to Buster Douglas, Evander Holyfield, and several journeymen, Tyson enjoyed a career that placed him on the list of all-time greats. 

His dominance in the ring led to huge financial gains, as he became one of the most sought after boxers in the world. Pay per view matches involving him were huge draws for fans, and he earned significant amounts of money to participate in televised competitions. He earned as much as $30 million per fight, and received approximately $400 million in career earnings, according to Forbes.   

Tyson spent hundreds of thousands a month on pigeons and exotic cats

Since childhood, Tyson was known to have an affinity for pigeons, and often kept a collection of them. He also loved exotic animals and made headlines when he purchased two Siberian Tigers at the peak of his career. Naturally, Tyson’s excessive spending habits spilled over into his collection of animals.

After being released from prison in 1995, Tyson went on an insane money-spending binge. During an interview with Graham Bensinger, Tyson discussed his erratic spending behavior in the 33 months after his release, during which be bought dozens of cars, tons of jewelry, countless luxury items, and more. One of the most outrageous parts of his long list of expenses was the $400,000 he spent monthly on upkeep for his collection of pigeons and cats.

Although Tyson’s lavish lifestyle seemed admirable to outsiders at the time, it eventually caught up with him. He ended up having to file for bankruptcy in 2003 and lost many of the prized possessions he had collected during the whirlwind that was the 90s. 

 Mike Tyson Used To Get an Enormous Bonus For Knocking Out Opponents In The 1st Round—Here’s Exactly How Much

In his heyday, Mike Tyson was one of the most dominant and fearsome boxers to ever step into the ring. He was known for his fierce in-ring persona and his intimidating aura often defeated his opponents long before they stepped into the ring. His natural talent and relentless work ethic led to him garnering an immense amount of wealth, which he spent on frivolous items such as $7 million necklaces.

When Tyson was in his prime, he became famous for ending boxing matches quickly, knocking many of his opponents out within minutes of the fight starting. His career record of 50-6 boasts an impressive 44 wins by knockout, a feat that is beyond impressive. In fact, Tyson became so good at knocking out his opponents that he set wagers before his fights, one that stipulated he’d earn an additional $200,000 if he was able to knock them out in the first round. 

Mike Tyson was one of the most dominant boxers of all time


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Mike Tyson is revered by many as one of the greatest boxers to ever step into the squared circle. His success in professional boxing can’t be denied, and his 50 career wins against 6 losses proves he was a generational talent.

Tyson began his boxing career in his teenage years, after his first trainer, Bobby Stewart, discovered his natural talent while Tyson was in a juvenile detention center. He showed promise in his early years as an amateur boxer, winning gold medals in the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games, and made his professional debut at 18 years old. 

In his first match as a professional, Tyson defeated Hector Mercedes via a first-round technical knockout (TKO). 26 of Tyson’s first 28 fights were won by knockout or TKO, 16 of which were in the first round. He went on to defeat Trevor Berbick by TKO for the WBC Heavyweight Championship at just 20 years old, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history. 

Mike Tyson received $200,000 for first round KOs


In the prime of his career, Tyson was one of the highest earning athletes in the world. He earned over $30 million for several of his highest profile matches, and had career earnings of over $400 million, according to Forbes

After many of his matches, he could be seen holding up several stacks of $100 bills, although there’s more to the story; Tyson had become so dominant that he’d begun to wager money on his matches, betting that he could defeat his opponents within minutes of the fight starting. During a recent interview with rapper Jim Jones on his Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson explained how he earned what he called “F— you money.”

“That’s a bet you make with somebody. Everytime I knocked somebody out in the first round, I’d get a […] $200,000 bonus.”

He later revealed that he would often take the bonus earnings and spend it all at the club, on girls, on jewelry, or he simply give it away. Unfortunately, Tyson’s reckless spending habits caught up with him, and he had to file for bankruptcy in 2003.

 Mike Tyson Once Bought a $7 Million Diamond Necklace—and It Got Stolen


Mike Tyson was known for spending his money excessively during his time on top. In his heyday, he was earning upwards of over $20 million per fight, and consistently kept tens of millions of dollars in his bank accounts. Having all of that money gave Tyson the freedom to buy anything he wanted at any given moment.

However, although he was afforded a lifestyle many of us could only dream of, he didn’t always make the best decisions with his money. Tyson was infamous for spending his money on outrageous material objects, some of which are hard to believe. One of those items, in particular, was a diamond necklace that he spent $7 million on, and here’s the kicker—he lost the necklace!

Mike Tyson was one of the highest-earning boxers of all time


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Tyson was a boxing prodigy that dominated the sport for more than a decade. His natural skill and tireless work ethic catapulted him to the top of competitive boxing, and he quickly began to see great rewards for his ability. Consistently drawing large amounts of viewers to his pay-per-view matches, Tyson began to earn large sums of money just to fight. 

At his peak, Tyson earned more than $20 million per fight and even received bonuses of several hundred thousand dollars for every first-round knockout he achieved. According to Forbes, Tyson had career earnings of more than $400 million, making him one of the highest-earning boxers of all time. 

While some people would choose to save such large quantities of money, Tyson instead chose to spend it freely, enjoying life as it came.

Tyson spent his money on outrageous things, including a $7 million necklace

In his prime, Tyson was known for his flamboyant lifestyle and ridiculous spending habits. In the late 80s and early 90s, dozens of stories circulated about how Tyson would spend his money on outrageous items such as Bengal tigers, dozens of exotic cars, a 52-room mansion (now owned by 50 Cent), and even a $2.3 million gold bathtub.

But it gets worse. Tyson spent over $300,000 on limousine rides, over $60,000 on luxury rugs, and millions on his extensive jewelry collection. On a recent episode of his popular Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson spoke how he once spent $7 million on a diamond necklace. Incredibly, Tyson also admitted that the necklace was stolen from him and revealed that he frequently gave away his jewelry to family, friends, and even strangers. 

He filed for bankruptcy in 2003


Although Tyson lived a lavish lifestyle in which he spent millions of dollars as he pleased, his reckless spending habits eventually caught up with him. According to CNN, he filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and later filed a $100 million lawsuit against his former promoter, Don King, claiming that he was cheated out a large portion of his career earnings. 

Tyson has since recovered financially and lives a modest lifestyle with his family. Although he’s not earning anywhere near what he did in his prime as a boxer, he’s in a better place now than he was in 2003. 

 Mike Tyson’s Car Collection Is Even More Decadent Than You Think

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July 21, 2020

In his prime, Mike Tyson was one of the scariest men alive, as he could easily knock anyone out with just one punch. That reputation made him one of the most famous and wealthiest boxers ever, as he was able to make millions every time that he fought. But of course, Tyson’s story is one that’s full of luxury and decadence, so much so that he ended up bankrupting himself before he even retired from boxing.

The former champ did that by spending his money on a lot of lavish things, such as orgies, mansions, and of course, expensive cars. Here’s a look at a few of the most exotic cars that Mike Tyson owned.

Mike Tyson posing next to a car | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

1995 Ferrari F50

As HotCars wrote, after Tyson finished serving his time in prison for his rape sentence, he decided to not only make a return to boxing, but also to buy something nice for himself.

He had spent just under 3 years in prison, so he felt like he really needed something to boost his spirits. That something was a 1995 Ferrari F50, which is a very powerful sports car.

The F50 has a 4.7-liter V12 that got 513-hp and 347 lb-ft of torque. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in about 3.6 seconds, and it had a top speed of about 202 MPH.

This car was worth about $650,000 at the time of purchase, but it’s now worth much more since Ferrari only made 349 of them. As a result of its rarity, Automobile Magazine wrote that Tyson auctioned his F50 off for over $2.4 million.

1995 Ferrari 456 GT Spyder


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Hot Cars wrote that Tyson bought his Spyder as a packaged deal with his F50, and, while the Spyder wasn’t as fast as the F50 was, it wasn’t a slouch, either.

This version of the Spyder had a 5.5-liter V12 that gave it 436-hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. It had a top speed of about 192 MPH, and it could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in about 5.2 seconds. 

That said, Ferrari built far more of these Spyders than it had built F50s. A tad more than 3,000 of these Spyders were produced, and as a result, it’s not as rare as the F50 was. That said, it wasn’t cheap at the time of purchase either, as a brand-new one would’ve cost about $210,000.

However, like many of the luxury cars that Tyson owned, he sold his Spyder, in order to make ends meet. Hot Cars wrote that Tyson’s Spyder was put on sale for $75,000, but despite being more affordable, it was still a bad deal since the car needed a lot of work. 

2000 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster


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Not long before the former champ’s financial issues forced him to file for bankruptcy, he bought himself a brand-new Lamborghini. This, like the F50, was a rare car, as only 30 or so were ever built.

Lamborghini only built a few of them in order to commemorate the new millennium. The VT Roadster wasn’t that different from the regular Diablo when it comes to its power, but it was different in how it looked and felt. 

The Diablo VT Roadster had a 5.7-liter V12 that got 529-hp and 446 lb-ft of torque. This powerful engine allowed it to hit a top speed of about 208 MPH, and it could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in about 3.5 seconds. That said, despite being a powerful and rare car, its value hasn’t ballooned since Tyson bought his for about $275,000. And once again, just like the F50 and the Spyder, Tyson apparently already sold his Diablo.

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