AD Marketplace Categores, Help us choose!

We are needing your help on choosing categories ? that fit the game you play or virtual world ?. An example would be a Jobs Category with sub categories of Looking for D.J's in a virtual world or Guild Officers in a MMO. Please reply to this post and include Category and Sub Category to give us an idea where you think it fits best :) We want to build an AD Marketplace that is useful to all :) The AD Marketplace is basically what our classified used to be ?

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  • Here's a list of some ideas but some aren't fully developed:

    Virtual Clans {GW2, Neverwinter, Bloodlines, Smite & Looking for Members/ Leaders}

    Best Mods/ Load Order {List of Games: The Sims 4, Ark, & Fallout 4}

    Trading & Selling Items {traders looking for parts of gatchas/items in SL, Animal Jam, or whatever, sellers, posting gatcha events}

    News/ What's New?{PC or Console, List of Games}

    Events {Game Names: World of Tanks, Special Events: Zombie Tank Fights Oct 1- Oct 31, Concert Dates, Anniversary, Congratulations Announcements}

     Play Together { Games: Town of Salem, Warframe, Unturned, Stardew Valley, MineCraft & Our Servers/ Discord Call (if anyone is running one for the time and looking for extra players}

    Jobs {photographers, djs, models, wedding planners, video makers, scripters, modders, actors, animators, etc.} 

    For Rent {land, servers, rooms, services, housing, etc.} 

    Challenges {DJ Battles, Online Fights in Street Fighter, Best Decorator on Sims 4, etc.}  

    Pets/ Companions/ Mounts { Downloadable Pets, Trade/Give Away Pets, Sell Pets} 

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    • btw the games are examples but i do play other games too like super animal royale, a hat in time, sonic, etc. idk what kinda games everyone plays in here tho ? 

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