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Enjoy love:

Do not be too strict and concerned about worldly pressures to the extent that nothing matters anymore. There are things God created to help us deal with the heats of the moments. Marriage and relationship is the topmost of them. Remember your moment of falling in love the first time, it was as though the world is given to you and all problems have been arrested. That is the power of love. Anytime you decide to enjoy your relationship, your burden of life reduces and your hope for better life surfaces. To enjoy love or not is your personal decision and the outcome is your personal benefit or disaster depending on your choice. Great companionship, deep romance, reliable support, happy givings, peaceful company and exciting communications are the definite outcomes of your decision to enjoy love. Help yourself by deciding right and pursuing enjoyment of love. Be solid in love, love to the full, be love personified. Love is sooo sweet.

Dcn George