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40% off on any stream you buy at iDJstream
2nd - 7th September
*Shoutcast or Icecast
*Unlimited listeners
*1 Gig of autoDJ included
*Quality customer service!




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November Thankful Updates 11/10/2019 Onward

November Thankful Updates 11/10/2019 Onward

Throughout November, each time you come back to the site, you will most likely see something different 😁. We are working on making the site pop a little bit more, without diminishing performance. Already you will see awesome Icons being implemented that are being created by our Media and Design Business, VyBZ.XYZ. There will be more content search area fields coming soon that will also mean more options when sharing your content. The problem with so many categories in one, is it can get very messy. So instead, we are going to be adding more sections when creating your content to make it more searchable and less clutter. These areas should not affect your current content. However, when you go
AD Marketplace Categores, Help us choose!

AD Marketplace Categores, Help us choose!

We are needing your help on choosing categories 💬 that fit the game you play or virtual world 👪. An example would be a Jobs Category with sub categories of Looking for D.J's in a virtual world or Guild Officers in a MMO. Please reply to this post and include Category and Sub Category to give us an idea where you think it fits best :) We want to build an AD Marketplace that is useful to all :) The AD Marketplace is basically what our classified used to be 😊

Next week Events are cancelled ~

No events from Monday-Sunday, but don't worry, it is just for a week.Take your free time to be with people you love, do something that you really enjoy, something you don't do for a while. Have a sunbath or even a rain bath why not? Lols. We gonna miss u guys! Hugs, VybZ family.
Good VyBZ This October 2019 On Air and In Secondlife Every Friday!!

Good VyBZ This October 2019 On Air and In Secondlife Every Friday!!

Come dressed up 👕 every Friday in theme through October 🎃, including November 1st.  Be creative, have fun and win some lindens if you won 💖. As always three judges will vote and there will be three winners. It is between 4-7 PM, must be there by 5:10 PM PST with group tag on to be considered. At 6:50PM SLT, you must be active for when we call your name. We will give you 10 minutes to come up on the dance pads. If you do not come up, we will do guess that number to give others a chance. May be some extra prizes, the more that join!1st- 1500 2nd- 750 3rd- 500DJ kwave W/ Name That Tune and Mainly Rock Music of all sorts and EDM for the Glow In The Dark :). 💃ht


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iDJStream (iDJCast) is primarily designed for audio streaming in the virtual world of Second Life® at this time the only way to obtain our streams is in-world as we say. You can easily join Second Life® by visiting their signup page located at this will not cost you anything to join if you sign up for a free membership. However, you will need to purchase L$ (Linden Dollars) to be able to rent our streams.We are working on a PayPal payment alternative for those who have no interest in a virtual world. We can now accept Credit Cards and Paypal -
Every Day Prices and Info

Every Day Prices and Info

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Are you in SecondLife and are a DJ?

Are you in SecondLife and are a DJ?

Are you a D.J? Do you use voice? Want to bring your own host/hostess? See the applications at 500 $L a set after 30 day trial and 300 $L a set for host/hostess after 30 day trial. Stop on by If you are a live streamer, experience online D.J and would like to volunteer please use same app. We would like to see more djs on air with their own shows.