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😀  Hello I will update this soon 😷  I am basically the owner of all this along with my wife😍, Also I am a DJ for Radio.VyBZ.Live. Need to know more? Well ask!

The VINNIE SHOW at The MYSTIC MUSE !!  Wednesday, October 16th - 7pm slt.

 Are you looking for great hour of entertainment?  Then your looking for  The Vinnie Show!    Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to  Classic Rock, Pop ORIGINALS. The Vinnie Show will always  leave you wanting more. Be prepared to be completely entertained!!!    A  show you don't want to miss!!

THE VINNIE SHOW @ KEY WEST   Tuesday, October 15th - 8pm slt West Island/115/66/23
The Vinnie show is like a box of chocolates... you never know what your going to get!
Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to Classic Rock, Pop ORIGINALS.

The VINNIE SHOW at MERRY PRANKSTERS- Monday, October 14th - 7:00pm slt
One man, one guitar, a whole lotta good music!

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We are looking for bloggers who can meet/do the following: 

  • -Must be an active blogger who blogs about entertainment, media and/or gaming.
  • -Must post one post a week on our website under your profile as well as on your own blog, showing our logo as a sponsor. 
  • - Must be on our Discord server
  • -You must sign up on the VyBZ.Live Social Community website as this is where you will post your one post a week and also be in the staff group.
  • -You will be advertising site features and how to's, radio station, and/or our VyBZ.XYZ products.
    -Blogs must be PG or at least Moderate in nature.

Is this something that would interest you? If so and you would like to be part of a great groups of friends and family, apply at

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The Radio Station has has underwent some music changes and is ready for you to tune in and jam out anytime at The radio page itself has underwent a big change and now integrated into the social community. You can also put us in your virtual space using the following URL: .

The VINNIE SHOW @ THE BLACK DIAMOND - Wednesday, October 9th -7pm slt Valley/121/97/23
One man, one guitar..... a whole lot of great music!!!! Come join us for an hour of all round entertainment. You'll be glad you came!!! is under going some music changes and may be up and down throughout the day. Will still be the same genres :) Because we want a variety for everyone, as always mainly rock ;) but you may here some other Top40 thrown in. Got something you want us to be sure is on air let us know :) If you have already check out the new Radio page. We have fully integrated it into the social community at


Come dressed up 👕 every Friday in theme through October 🎃, including November 1st.  Be creative, have fun and win some lindens if you won 💖. As always three judges will vote and there will be three winners. It is between 4-7 PM, must be there by 5:10 PM PST with group tag on to be considered. At 6:50PM SLT, you must be active for when we call your name. We will give you 10 minutes to come up on the dance pads. If you do not come up, we will do guess that number to give others a chance. May be some extra prizes, the more that join!

1st- 1500 

2nd- 750 

3rd- 500

DJ kwave W/ Name That Tune and Mainly Rock Music of all sorts and EDM for the Glow In The Dark :). 💃 as always tune in anywhere at


Real work 😭  Please go by quick!!!

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Teah's (DJ XRay!) Night 1 At The Venue!

:) DJ Teah Xray Clowes Teah Xray Clowes

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

Forest when we were building it up

Sharing the photos from the VyBZ.Live forest making process.