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😄 Hello, my name is Kyle and I am the owner of The VyBZ.Live Avatar Gaming Community, VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design, and Radio.VyBZ.Live. We also have a Venue and Forest in the Virtual World of Secondlife,, and soon in SineSpace. If you ever need any help or want to talk, feel free to start a conversation with me or join us in Discord,, and ask any Manager/Support on duty. I am also a blogger, an online DJ, and GM in multiple guilds across a few of my favorite MMO's 🌐. We are also looking for volunteer D.J's 🎧  on the station. Apply at

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https://VyBZ.Live will be undergoing MYSQL maintenance tonight. This should not affect your daily activities. This will be started at around 4PM PST until done. Anything in terms of changing, editing, or modifying should be avoided :) We will first backup data and then convert tables. We noticed some random site freezes, not all the time, but annoying when it happens, and want to offer you the most fluid experience. We will keep you updated. As always we like to be transparent and make you aware of what we are doing. Have a great night and please refrain from activity tonight at 4PM PST on the website while this is going on.

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Did you know we play originals from The Vinnie Show right on Radio.VyBZ.Live . While listening you are always bound to come by a tune sung by him. Follow events InSL with the Vinnie Show here: or Visit their official site at I have met some of the greatest performers on virtual worlds like Secondlife :) Bringing music to everyone around the world. Vinnie is one of those great performers, doing his own originals and covers and comes with a sense of humor.

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Anyone know a live artist? Cover Artist? or even one that does originals? How about a game modder of interest or developer?
Well have them email or message Kwave-Kyle  if they would like an interview on the NightFall VyBZ Radio Show 

The VINNIE SHOW at MERRY PRANKSTERS- Monday, December 9th - 7:00pm slt

Are you looking for great hour of entertainment? Then your looking for The Vinnie Show! Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to Classic Rock, Pop ORIGINALS. The Vinnie Show will always leave you wanting more. Be prepared to be completely entertained!!!

The VINNIE SHOW @ The Mason Jar - Friday December 6th- 9pm slt
The Vinnie Show is like a box of chocolates... you never know what your going to get!
Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to Classic Rock, Pop ORIGINALS. A show you don't want to miss

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Here they are,

My fun submissions! 

Each image is based off of a Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme, books my Grandmother Read to me as a child. I hope you enjoy!

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Snow White Inspired by LauraRosa 💕 

We have added AdSense to the website. It will show ADs on event views, blog post views and the homepage. Once you are logged in, you will not see the ads :) Obviously administrators and Site managers will see these ADs so we can monitor them, etc.  We have added Ad's being our site is non profit, but costs. At the same time we do not want to punish our active members so once logged into website, you should not see ADs, only when visiting site and not logged in :)

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🌲 Happy Thanksgiving everybody!. We want to wish you a great time with families and friends and if no one is around and you need company and need family and friends to chill with just hit us up on Discord. The snow has fallen in the forest, as with all seasons we change to as time passes by. Come on down and do your regular fun activities, but with some added snow for snowball fights or just a stroll :) We are thankful for everyone here who are sometimes more family to us then our family on the outside.

The VINNIE SHOW at MERRY PRANKSTERS- Monday, November 25th - 7:00pm slt
One man, one guitar.... a whole lotta great music !

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Teah's (DJ XRay!) Night 1 At The Venue!

:) DJ Teah Xray Clowes Teah Xray Clowes

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

Forest when we were building it up

Sharing the photos from the VyBZ.Live forest making process.