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VyBZ.Live Venue and forest in the world of Secondlife, and once we learn Unity, in Sinespace. We are a real site that has locations in virtual spaces. We are at the end of the day, a Gaming Social Community. We have a forest with fun things to do like mountain biking, jetskis, bumper boats, hiking, and exploring. Above our physical Island Forest, hovers a sky island with our music venue where you can hear live performers or DJ's as well as hear them at our radio station, https://radio.vybz.live, and a gaming island with all sorts of games to play with a little less lag then below. Stop on by today, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Birch/50/129/164

October is Here! Contest/Events Back 10/5/19 Every Friday 

New land is up and contests will be back starting October 5th. A monthof contests, all Holloweenish and fall related, with the final one the day after Halloween, September 1st with a Monster Mash ;) So get ready this month for Friday fun each week. Also do not forget our photo contest ongoing until November 30th  https://vybz.live/page/view-event-profile?id=33. We will also we working on forest Holloween Decorations along with haunted ship, docks and light house, and water house. Share your experiences @ https://vybz.live

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VyBZ.Live Forest/Sky Venue InSL
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