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VyBZ.live is a social community built for the gamer that is you or the gamer in you. When it comes to Role Playing, sharing as a character is important and the site gives you that possibility. You can also share a real profile if that is more of your thing. Own a virtual business or a business related to gaming? Well you can share those and even interact as your business profile as well. All of these are accessible from one account! Switch between them easily. While talking about profiles you can also add relationships of many types. Whether it is for your personal profile (wife, husband, son, daughter, etc.) or an organization profile (owner, manager, employee, dj, host,etc). Beyond a profile you can add photos, sounds, groups, pages, posts, discussions, and more.  

This is also home to Radio.VyBZ.Live. An online radio station based out of Canada with a lot of shows coming soon ;) Think podcast, but live and a great variety of music. This is an ongoing project and this section will grow as we do with even more information.  

We have been around for awhile and tried multiple projects and this is where we see ourselves in the future. We will continue to deliver and keep bringing new things for the community. This about page will grow as we do. If you have any questions, be sure to email Support@vybz.live




Are you a D.J? Do you use voice? Want to bring your own host/hostess? See the applications at https://vybz.live/page/careers 500 $L a set after 30 day trial and 300 $L a set for host/hostess after 30 day trial. Stop on by https://vybz.live/page/careers. If you are a live streamer, experience online D.J and would like to volunteer please use same app. We would like to see more djs on air with their own shows.

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