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DJ/Radio Intros, drops, and Sweepers 

DJ/Radio Intro 30 Sec 2000$L / $8 USD 

DJ/Radio Sweeper 30 Sec 2000 $L / $8 USD

DJ DROP 1000$L / $4 USD

Get all Three (Bundle) 4000$L / $16 USD

Add on Packages: 

Add +30 Secs for 300$L / $2 USD

Add a voice of your choice 1000$L / $4 USD  

Commercials/AD's - Video/Sound 

Working on prices :) These take a bit more of work in terms of editing sounds and videos.

Web and Graphic Design

These prices are negotiable. Make an offer, lets talk, and get that personal, one on one, experience!

Specific to Linden Lab's Secondlife - Gestures 

Prices may vary see in world or marketplace

Want to see us in the Virtual World of Secondlife?

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VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design
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VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design

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