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Need Help? :) Feel free to ask or also provide your own assistance. We will also list quick links to ongoing discussions like categories, etc. 

Click Here to send a message to Support :) <---If you can login/If you can not login---> Please be sure to email Support@VyBZ.Live or visit The Contact Page. There is also always our Discord server Click to be redirected. Owner or Management online can reset your password with some verification. This is where providing your DOB and actual email is a good idea 😆  

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Here are some posts to help you 😉 

How do I join? Click Here

How do I edit my profile? Click Here

How do I add multiple profiles (Person or Organization)? Click Here

This discuss is here for organization/business/guild profiles. 

This discussion is for questions regarding, joining website or editing things such as your notifications. 

This discussion is all about profiles :) Feel free to share tips or ask questions :) Those questions will be posted up here for future help to others :) 

We will update you here when there is news of new things, patches, etc :) 


Adding multiple profiles.


Tutorial on how to edit your profile.


How to join the website video tutorial.