VyBZ.Live Story Book Photo Contest From Within Secondlife 9/15/2019-11/30/2019

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VyBZ.Live Story Book Photo Contest From Within Secondlife 9/15/2019-11/30/2019
on htttps://vybz.live from the Virtual World of SecondLife
Date start:
Date end:
  1. First, you must join the VyBZ.Live Website.https://vybz.live/page/create-account or if you have an account already login :)
  2. Join the Event at https://vybz.live/page/view-event-profile?id=33 and click Going
  3. You then can add your photos in a post as a character from any book for the event (Sci-Fi, Fairytale, Adventure,Etc.) See rules below:
  • At least have 3 photos MINIMUM and up to 5 MAXIMUM and you can only have one entry with one character.
  • Photos can be taken anywhere in the virtual world of , but feel free to use our forest as well 😀
  • Must Include BookName and the one Character you are portraying
  • You can use captions to tell your story or let your photos speak for themselves for that character.
  • Must be of PG or moderate nature. Please keep private area parts covered.
  • Feel to free to have friends join the site to share their reactions to the photos which helps with the judges votes in the end.
  • There will be three winners and honorable mentions. 1st- 5000 2nd- 3000 3rd- 2000 and 1000 a piece for honorable mentions.
  • *** Please Note: Be sure to use the profile of the avatar you wish to enter. Multiple profiles are not allowed and will not be accepted. We will reach out to you to in case there is a huband or wife that is in the same household etc. If we find out you lied, we will be forced to remove all submissions and remove you from the contest.*** //Please Keep this contest Drama Free\\  

See the attached image for step by step instructions on how to join an event at VyBZ.Live Avatar Gaming Community 

Book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Character: can you guess? 💙 

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💙  My photos were inspired by Snow White in a darker world with creatures, where she goes through various adventures on her journey.❤

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