Fantasy Photo Contest 8/17/19-9/8/19

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Fantasy Photo Contest 8/17/19-9/8/19
Photos taken at the VyBZ.Live Forest InSL
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Scroll Down For Contest Information and Instructions 😁 ....

  1. First, you must join the VyBZ.Live Website.   
  2. Join the Event at and click Going
  3. You then can post your Fantasy Photos you took from within the VyBZ.Live Forest 
  • You can have a max of three photos to be chosen from
  • Must be taken from within the VyBZ.Live Forest InSL or the event area in the sky on the Islands above the forest.
  • Photo theme must be Fantasy. Be creative! :)
  • Must be of PG or moderate nature. Please keep private area parts covered.
  • Feel to free to have friends join the site to share their reactions to the photos which helps with the judges votes in the end.
  • There will be three winners and maybe 5 depending on how many enter. 1st- 3000 2nd- 2000 3rd- 1000 and if we get more (Over 15) 4th- 750 and (Over 25) 5th- 500
  • *** Please Note: Be sure to use the profile of the avatar you wish to enter. Multiple profiles are not allowed and will not be accepted. We will reach out to you to in case there is a huband or wife that is in the same household etc. If we find out you lied, we will be forced to remove all submissions and remove you from the contest.*** //Please Keep this contest Drama Free\\  

See the attached image for step by step instructions on how to join an event at VyBZ.Live Avatar Gaming Community 

1st Place - kraken7777 - Ken


2nd Place - JoyceLuka - Joy


3rd Place - Mistary Sandalwood

Mistary Sandalwood

We added two more places, we wanted to give some more a chance because they did so well!

4th Place - Sati Dolla Velour

Sati Dolla Velour 

5th Place - Penny Monday-Macbeth

Penny Monday-Macbeth

Congrats to you all! A new contest coming after our relay for life event. It will be a  longer contest with higher prizes.


Peacock Fairy gracefully hovering by the waterfall of Vybz forest.

1 2

Do You Believe in Fairies?😍 

5 1

Uchiha Sasuke with Dragon Ken in Japanese Fantasy World <3


Butterfly Madness Sensation