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ย  ย  ย  ย  ~Welcome to Sky Point Virtual Shopping Centerย ~

ย Part of theย VyBZ.Live Venue/Forest From Within Secondlife

โ™ฃ We are a small friendly shopping center and we welcome you to be a part of our community! โ™ฃ

Looking to rent with us? There are a few things you should know about us. Please take the time to read ALL rules before renting.

  1. You will need 1 group space available to in order to get your renter's tag to rez. You will be joining the Vybz group.ย 
  2. ย Please make sure you do NOT go over your prim limit. Doing so will result in eviction. IF you need extra prims, please consult with kyleesadiehopkins first! If there is prim availability a new rental rate will be made for you.
  3. ย All items sold must be rated M. No Adult (A-Rated) content!! All private areas must be covered in ads and there will be no sexual products sold nor adult or sexual items rezzed for product display. Any A Rated content will result in eviction. If you are in doubt and have to question your product's rating, it is best not to sell it here.
  4. You will be able to use the Vybz group to post a notice 1 time per week. If you send more than one notice a week you will lose notice rights. If you make a mistake and need to resend a notice with a correction, please make sure you have *CORRECTION* or an indicator of such in your post. Also, no profanity or impolite language should ever be used in the notice area or chat in general. Abuse of the chat and notices will result in loss of notice and chat rights and possible eviction.
  5. ย No bullying nor discrimination will be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction. Please be respectful.ย 
  6. ย If you are late paying your rent you will be evicted as soon as your rental time expires. PLEASE make sure to pay on time. You have access to pay up to 12 weeks in advance. Please utilize this.
  7. Do NOT use abuse your rez privileges. You should be rezzing objects in your STORE RENTAL space ONLY!! Rezzing anywhere else on the vybz sim will result in immediate eviction.


โ™  What types of rentals are available? โ™ 

โ—˜ Market Stalls/Booths- 30 prims for 30L per week.

โ—˜ Small Shops- 150 prims for 150L per week.

โ—˜ Medium Shops- 250 prims for 250L per week.

โ—˜ Large Shops- 350 prims for 350L per week.


โ™ฆ If you made it this far, you will probably love renting at the Sky Point Shopping Center and being a part of our community! โ™ฆ

What do we have to offer?

โ—˜ We have low rates for rentals.

โ—˜ We cater to small shops or starter shops that don't need a lot of prims.

โ—˜ We strive to create a small and close knit community between creators and shoppers.ย 

โ—˜ We also have a "Discount Corner" for all renters to use for FREE. You can place 1-2 discounted items here at any time. For this particular area, please do not exceed 3 prims for your Discount Corner Booth. This is NOT a monthly or weekly event so there are NO DEADLINES! Change your discount items whenever you want.ย 

โ—˜ We also have a lovely cafe and park where you can hang out in between creating. Take a stroll through the city and enjoy the nature.ย 

โ—˜ Tired of the city or town life? Feel free to visit the rest of the Vybz Sim and explore the forest and sky venue. Those locations can be accessed through the teleporter located near the small shopping booths.


Enjoy your time here at The Sky Point Shopping Center!~ โ™ฅ

VyBZ.Live Venue and forest in the world of Secondlife, and once we learn Unity, in Sinespace. We have a beautiful forest with lots of things to do, a venue and gaming areas in the skies and a shopping center. In the forest you can go mountain biking, jetskis, bumper boats, hiking, glide off the sky islands, use the ziplines, and plenty of exploring. Above our physical Island Forest, hovers a sky island with our music venue where you can hear live performers or DJ's as well as hear them at our radio station,, and a gaming island with all sorts of games to play with a little less lag then below. Stop on by today, There are signs in each area to easy port to the area you need if you desire convenience. See our activity/event calendar Below :)

Are you a DJ or Host/Hostess looking for secondlife work or even jsut to play on radio -->> See

Are you a Live Performer who does covers&orginals then please contact Dar Macbethย  or riley and include your bio, with your Bio, samples, and your showtimes.

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