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Dar Macbeth
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VyBZ.Live Venue and forest in the world of Secondlife, and once we learn Unity, in Sinespace. We have a beautiful forest with lots of things to do, a venue and gaming areas in the skies and a shopping center. In the forest you can go mountain biking, jetskis, bumper boats, hiking, glide off the sky islands, use the ziplines, and plenty of exploring. Above our physical Island Forest, hovers a sky island with our music venue where you can hear live performers or DJ's as well as hear them at our radio station,, and a gaming island with all sorts of games to play with a little less lag then below. Stop on by today, There are signs in each area to easy port to the area you need if you desire convenience. See our activity/event calendar Below :)

Are you a DJ or Host/Hostess looking for secondlife work or even jsut to play on radio -->> See

Are you a Live Performer who does covers&orginals then please contact Dar Macbeth  or riley and include your bio, with your Bio, samples, and your showtimes.


Thank you everyone for coming out!

We had an awesome time! (Despite me crashing a million times) lol.