https://VyBZ.Live is a social community that was built for people who have avatars or characters in games to share with one another. You may share a real profile as well, but at the same time will not be restricted or banned because you want to have a profile for your character/avatar from a game or virtual world. This is a place to share those emotions, feelings, and ideas we have. A place to share those good vibes we get from the games we play and the things we do in those virtual spaces.

The social community is ran and operated by our media and design company, VyBZ.XYZ. A company that excels in graphic design and sound editing. See more about us at https://vybz.xyz.

https://radio.vybz.live is how all this started. We first opened as a community for our radio station. Our radio station had DJ’s that were from the virtual world of Secondlife and we interviewed live performers from within that virtual world. As time went on we had a venue/forest we opened there as well and now have grown beyond Secondlife. We do still have a venue and forest in Secondlife and do run events as we did then. The station itself is hosted out of Canada and licensed under SoCan.

We have been around for awhile and continue to grow. VyBZ.Live is being built by people dedicated to the project. We will continue to deliver and keep bringing new things for the community. This about page will grow as we do. If you have any questions, be sure to email Support@vybz.live.