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Throughout November, each time you come back to the site, you will most likely see something different ?. We are working on making the site pop a little bit more, without diminishing performance. Already you will see awesome Icons being implemented that are being created by our Media and Design Business, VyBZ.XYZ. There will be more content search area fields coming soon that will also mean more options when sharing your content. The problem with so many categories in one, is it can get very messy. So instead, we are going to be adding more sections when creating your content to make it more searchable and less clutter. These areas should not affect your current content. However, when you go to edit you will be able to fill out the non-required fields to add some more spark to your content. As we add these areas, please share your thoughts and ideas so we can implement what you like best. 

11/19 Update: Events and Personal Profiles now have extra fields available. If you would like to see more just ask as well if there is something you think should not be included. Remember if there is a field that does not apply to you or your content, just do not fill out that field and it will not appear. Only thing required is something marked with the following symbol *

11/20 Update: Posts are now updated with their new fields, including an external blog link field. We would like to add some more for those of you who have Sponsors. We figure most are probably going to share the sponsor in the post, but if you would like some field to show on side let us know.

11/21 Update: Organization Profiles are now have added fields, some similar and a separate field to share a website URL if you have your own website or blog that is external to https://vybz.live.

11/26 Update: Albums now have more fields to share the location, game they are from, etc. Added some new extra fields to profiles and cleaned up  some search pages. We still have some work to do on the other things. Will keep you update. Share any categories you would like to see. 

11/27 Update: We have added similar Organization fields to Groups and vice versa. Most importantly we added a special full editor field to allow for the embedding of a Discord widget or social media feed. This will be in testing to see if it can be and will be abused. If all goes smoothly we will keep it there. We also implemented a sponsor section to posts for you bloggers out there :) We will have tutorial videos soon or at least picture articles to walk you through utilizing these fields for your content. At this time we need to touch up search pages, add fields to Discussions, Pages, Sounds, and Photo Contests. From there we will move on to the Marketplace and getting it to where it needs to be. We wish everyone Happy Holidays from last month to this month and onward. We will have a new post for December content.

We will keep adding to this post as more is done and improvements are made. To use the new fields, edit your current content or profile or create add content or profiles.