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? Hello, my name is Kyle and I am the owner of The VyBZ.Live Avatar Gaming Community, VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design, and Radio.VyBZ.Live. We also have a Venue and Forest in the Virtual World of Secondlife,, and soon in SineSpace. If you ever need any help or want to talk, feel free to start a conversation with me or join us in Discord,, and ask any Manager/Support on duty. I am also a blogger, an online DJ, and GM in multiple guilds across a few of my favorite MMO's ?. We are also looking for volunteer D.J's ?Β  on the station. Apply at


There have been Β some updates and fixes over the last few weeks. If you notice any issues please bring them to our attention and let us know :)Β 

VyBZ.Live Forest/Venue in Secondlife is seeking Live Music Performers who not only do covers, but originals as well. Β We are looking for reasonable rates and offer promotion of your tracks on and our social community at Please contact Operations Manager Ryleigh Ann Monday-Macbeth (riley.oompa) riley or Dar MacbethΒ  with your Bio, samples, and your showtimes. We are looking for DJ's to (visit *this link only pertains to DJs & Hosts) You can see our current slots at Our Grand Reopening is 4/2/2020.

We have been a venue for a couple of years and for awhile did mainly DJ Events. As a Venue we offer the stage to multiple talents to share them with the Secondlife community. We are now converting to more live performers and have changed all our DJ slots to 1 hour as well as to allow variety to those who come to visit the venue. We run not only a virtual venue, but a social community, a radio station, and a media and design business to. We offer commercial Ads etc to those who perform for us for some time. You can see samples at We also will promote you on the social community and the radio station.

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Kwave-Kyle 🎧
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VyBZ.Live Venue/Forest Spring2020

Some pictures of our season change to Spring in the virtual world of Secondlife#vybzlivevenue #vybzliveforest #vybzlive #virtual #world #secondlife #secondlifeexploration #album #photos #pictures #2020 #secondlifephotography

1/18/2020 Third Times a Charm Sword Fighting Competition InSL

They faught with honor, with spirit and then we ended it all in a slashfest. It was a great night! See some photos of the contestants. ? #secondlife #cornerstonecombathud #gaming #cornerstone #tournament #fight #competition #vybzlive #vybz

Teah's (DJ XRay!) Night 1 At The Venue!

:) DJ Teah Xray Clowes Teah Xray Clowes#kyleesphotography #secondlifephotography #Secondlife #vybzlive #virtual #event #contest #insl #livedj #dj #party #virtualworld #live #teah #firsttimeatvenue

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

The VyBZ.Live Forest Complete

Forest when we were building it up

Sharing the photos from the VyBZ.Live forest making process.
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