• VyBZ is hiring DJ's for 500L per set. Apply today by notecard or Click here for web application.

  • Good Morning Universe premiers this morning 7-8:30 AM PST with past interviews and great music.
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    Be sure to tune into Good Morning Universe this morning 7-8:30 AM PST. We will be playing some past interviews, playing your top hits today and maybe even give you a glimpse of a great Vinnie Show last Thursday night :)

    VYBZ is a Venue, a Social Community, Radio Station, and Media Productions Company. We have events Tues-Fri, 2-4, 4-6, and 6-8. There could be a DJ or live performance going on. We also promote other places as well.

    Friends and Fans

    Tasha VyBZ VIP
    Erienn VyBZ DJ
    Varda VyBZ VIP
    Jaredkross Manager & PR
    DJWolf VyBZ VIP
    Ruum VyBZ VIP
    VyBZ Messenger
    StanChiwanga Manager & PR
    DarlingCarolina VyBZ DJ

    Upcoming events

    DJ Jared FRI 4-6 PM PST at VyBZ Venue and On Air
    DJ Jared FRI 4-6 PM PST at VyBZ Venue and On AirDJ Jared will blow you away with his DJing. You go...
    VyBZ Apr 20, 18:00



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