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Check out photos from the relay 4 Life Night on Friday! We are so happy to have held the event and we raised around 10K lindens donations. All those lindens going to research to defeat cancer once and for all


Photos taken and edited by kyleesadiehopkins part of VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design 


VelourTheVelour is a Dancer Store on Second Life Marketplace where you buy your favorite songs combined with awesome dances. 🎶 



40% off on any stream you buy at iDJstream
2nd - 7th September
*Shoutcast or Icecast
*Unlimited listeners
*1 Gig of autoDJ included
*Quality customer service!




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iDJStream (iDJCast) is primarily designed for audio streaming in the virtual world of Second Life® at this time the only way to obtain our streams is in-world as we say. You can easily join Second Life® by visiting their signup page located at https://join.secondlife.com/ this will not cost you anything to join if you sign up for a free membership. However, you will need to purchase L$ (Linden Dollars) to be able to rent our streams.

We are working on a PayPal payment alternative for those who have no interest in a virtual world. We can now accept Credit Cards and Paypal - https://www.patreon.com/idjstream

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Forest has moved to a SIM with family :) Please be sure to stop by and take a look as we progress to make it just as pretty. Best of all Autumn is here :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Birch/74/203/30

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We are now hiring bloggers for 500 $L/Week. Come take a look at https://vybz.live/page/careers and apply today or to one of your other careers.

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Wanted to start by mentioning an impactful change that will be starting immediately. As we grow, we do have a direction. VyBZ.Live is full of gamers with hearts and souls that care about others and also about the world as a whole. As we get more Dj's wanting shows and also love streaming, we will start to do more charities that involve playing games and earning money for them. We also will keep holding fundraiser events every other Friday in the Virtual World of Secondlife. Gamer's making a change by doing what they do and love. 

Now on to the  rest of the news and updates. VyBZ.Live Avatar Gaming Community  itself has big updates and changes coming. So keep coming by and see what else appears. There will be various bug fixes and some wanted changes to appear. We will keep yearning to bring you all the best experience. The VyBZ.Live Forest InSL may be moving and we will keep you updated on that as well. Also we will be running quartely photo contests that you can take part in and share your virtual creativity. We will be running ones from other games as well such as from GW2 and SWTOR. Give us time to work out the details and get things organized. 

VyBZ.XYZ is about to appear very soon. A real and virtual presence in the world of Secondlife. We will be offering, video services, commercial ads, sweepers, intros, drops, and specific to the Secondlife virtual world; Gestures. VyBZ.XYZ is also entering the world of web design and graphic design. More to come as we open and grow. 

Radio.VyBZ.Live has always been an ongoing project. We are looking for DJ's to volunteer and create their own shows on gaming and entertainment. Please take a look at https://careers.vybz.live if interested. 

Other then that, we wanted to say thank you for all of everyone's support. Our greatest joy is giving you a platform that you make use of and enjoy. We hope you all enjoy the coming holiday season!

Happy Rez Day From all your Friends and Family riley Added the 1080 P version better quality :)

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Thank you everyone for coming out and showing your support! 😍 💙 💜 💚 💛 💓

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Be sure to mark tomorrow on your celendars and come hang out with us as we hold an event to help fundraise for Relay For Life. We know it is out of season and that is OK. We feel like we should always be giving to help cure something that ails a lot of our families and friends so be sure to come show your support and see you there!

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