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MyVyBZ.Com Social Sharing Community

Share your talents/hobbies with others

A social community where you can express yourselves and share what moves you with others. Are you an artist, musician, blogger, streamer, gamer, etc? Come share those talents/hobbies here and check out others. You can share, gain followers, and follow others. You have the freedom to join as the real you or a game avatar/character without fear of losing your account. 


Online Radio Built By You!

We provide online radio stations free and we are a non-profit music provider. We are built by your requests and votes. We have been known by other names in the past like Club Geser Radio, Altered Peace Radio, and MYSHRadio. As time went on and we took on the VyBZ.Live name, Radio.VyBZ.Live was born. We grew since then and there was some downtime because our old host shut down during pandemic. We were not going to let the station go, dispite the drawback. Finally we found another host and we have improved our stations to make them more interactive and personal. No matter where you are, on the road, in a virtual place, at home, you can tune in, and you can vote for what you want and request live when DJ's are not on air. Welcome to the new Radio.VYBZ.Live, always built by your requests and now by your votes as well. 

VyBZ.Live Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing powered by Livesmart Video

VyBZ.Live Video is our Web Conferencing integration of LiveSmart Video that will allow you to do video conferencing with others, sharing your screen, whiteboard, and audio/video. It is now live on the community. on Facebook

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